Posted on 02nd March, 2021

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After growing them for the best part of 5 years, we are delighted to see these beauties making their way to the rooftop of the Hundertwasser Art Centre. This is just the first stage of what will be the largest rooftop garden in the southern hemisphere. This is especially significant for one species, in particular, Pennantia baylissiana is one of the rarest NZ natives, with only one individual left in the wild - on the Three Kings Island. 7 Sharp came to see what all the fuss was about - you can see our story here.

7 Sharp story - Pennantia baylissiana

The large trees being transported include Pennantia baylissiana (kaikomako), Corynocarpus laevigatus (karaka), Streblus banksii (milk tree), Sophora chatamica (kowhai), Nestegis apetala (coastal maire), Rhopalostylis sapida (Nikau) and Alectryon excelsus (titoki). Further planting of smaller species will be part of the next stage.