Posted on 15th June, 2014

Planting day June 2014

At nine yesterday morn Jan and I joined a band of fifty spade wielding locals on a hillside at Tawapou, along our exquisite TUTUKAKA COAST. When we left 3000 trees had been planted. First stage in converting over a hundred hectares of farmed land at Tawapou to a glorious native forest, with lovely views of the Poor Knights Islands. A huge asset to our world top-rated coast.

The hill had been well prepared, with plant pots laid out at metre intervals, manuka, the natural forest precursor, with groves of pohutukawa at intervals.
For each plant we had a fertiliser pellet. In the warm mid winter sun many were soon shirtless. The long farmed land seemed rich, the black soil riddled with plump earthworms. Flaxes and cabbage trees were planted on a swampy valley floor. Hot muffins and chilled cranberry juice for interval. The time flew and the camaraderie of a real mahe, a major community effort, made it fun.

Wonder if my ancient body will recover in time...

wade Doak

Poked doaks today, but ah, the afterglow...

Another major community tree planting project is on for next weekend ( 28 June, post Focus deadline) on the hill above Ngunguru estuary, and the Sports Complex. Wonder if my ancient body will recover in time...

The tree planting began with this extraordinary email message from Guy Bowden:
Guy & Sandra".

Refreshments and thank you.

Email feedback.....Trudy Crerar Landscapes

That's a significant days work, especially when you're organising that number of folk.
Great vision.
I'm a trustee for a group in Doubtless Bay called Clean Waters To The Sea (Tokarau moana charitable trust) and have attached our newsletter for your interest.
We had an arbor day planting with around 70 folk and only planted 1000 trees..although majority were children.
I guess you get to a point when you look at how you can make the most significant difference you can in the world, other than family and friends.
It gives me a great deal of pleasure.

I imagine you'll have a real joy watching those plants grow.?

With family, friends and locals around fifty people turned up and made short work of planting 3000 plants on our second planting day here on the farm.. It was a great effort and we were very grateful for the help. Many thanks to those of you who joined us. Guy