Begins life as an epiphyte in the branches of a host tree. Slow growings and can take several years before flowering.

Metrosideros robusta or more commonly referred to as Northern rātā is a large forest tree that is endemic to New Zealand.The tree starts its life as an hemi-epiphyte on another tree and once its roots establish it can reach a height of 30m. This process takes a considerable amount of time typically the host tree will most likely die of old age before the roots of the rātā join together. Metrosideros robusta is distributed across the New Zealand in coastal and lowland forests and occasionally extending to montane forest in some parts of the country.

Bright red flowers similar to the pohutukawa but smaller occur between november and january. Metrosideros robusta has a moderate growth rate and after 10 years will reach a height of around 5m. This specimen makes a great street tree and can effective for screening. Will handle moderate coastal conditions best to avoid very dry sites.

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