Our most distinctive canopy tree found throughout NZ.

Dacrydium cupressinum, also commonly known as Rimu is the most widely distributed conifer in New Zealand. It is most commonly found growing in lowland froest areas. A common life cycle between 550-650 years. The reddish brown timber was highly sort after by european settlers and because of this the tree is also commonly called red pine. Growing between 18-30m the Rimu is often spotted sticking out of native forest canopys. The rimu tree has small, scale-like green leaves and has a weeping form. Both male and female trees produce pollen and black seed cones (18 months to mature- normally between feb-may). Wont produce seed cones in areas with too much shade. Seeds sit on or by red fleshy structures that attract native birds.

In terms of planting Dacrydium cupressinum it is important to have well draining soil and sunlight or semi shade. The juvenile form has a drooping pyramidal shape and is slow growing. Makes an excellent specimen tree. Maori believe the Rimu should be grown in groups of 3 or more.

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