Large wavy-edged leaves,undersides white and felted. grows approx 3 metres in height.

Brachyglottis repanda, is a bushy shrub also referred to by its Māori name Rangiora and belongs to the Asteraceae family. Growing to a height of up to 7 metres this shrub is distributed across the North Island and found in upper parts of the South Island. Commonly found in coastal, lowland and lower montane shrub land and open forest. Rangiora produces creamy white flowers between August and October and benefits from a hard prune once flowering is over. This shrub is fast growing but inclined to being short lived. Plant this species in a dry and exposed site.

The plant was used by Māori for a number of medicinal uses. The large leaves contain a small quantity of an alkaloid poison which has some antiseptic quality and were used for wounds and old ulcerated sores to keep dust and flies away.

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