Totara is suitable as a specimen tree or hedging. Very adaptable to many different situations.

Podocarpus totora is a native New Zealand podocarp tree with seperate sexes. It is endemic to New Zealand and is distributed widely across the North, South and Stewart islands in lowland to montane forests. The totara tree has needle-like foliage and can reach a height of 30m but it has a slow growth rate so it is more commonly between 5-10m once matured. Easy to distinguish by its thick and stringy bark. Fruits take a year or so to ripen, and may be found throughout the year, usually peaking at about the same time that cones are produced.

The totara makes a great tall shelter or low hedging plant. Also great for erosion control and shady spots in any garden. Drought tolerant once established and will do best in well drained and fertile soils.

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