Pittosporum fairchildii is a large shurb that is endemic to New Zealand, found growing on the Three Kings Islands where it is known from North East, Great (Manawa Tawhi), South East and West islands. Gynodioecious shrub or small tree can grow up to 6m tall, usually growing as an understory plant in coastal forest and sheltered cliff faces.

Distinctive features include its dark green leathery leaves that are paler underneath and with large yellow-green capsules. Its Leaves are 5-7.5cm long, sparsely covered in white fuzz when young. The dark red to nearly black flowers are terminal in 2-4-flowered clusters. August through to june 2.5cm wide fruit appears, splitting into three or four sections to show the dark sticky seeds.

Also commonly called Fairchild's kohuhu.

Plant the hardy shrub or small tree in well drained soils and shady sites.

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