Very hardy coastal shrub found growing on most of the North Island's east coast.

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Pittosporum crassifolium is a small tree native to New Zealand, originally distributed in the Northern areas of the North Island. Also known as karo, Pittosporum crassifolium inhabits lowland and coastal forests and can reach a height of up to 5m and spread of 2m. Sometimes forms major canopy dominant on offshore islands, and on occasion can be a significant component of dune forest. Often an urban weed because its fruits/seeds are avidly taken by indigenous and exotic birds and dispersed widely.

Attractive and dense dary grey green foliage with furry undersides and clusters of small red purple flowers which are sweetly scented appear in the spring. This pittosporum is popular for its fast growth rate. Does best in full sun and is very tolerant of strong salt laden winds. Good source of food for native birds.

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