Found throughout New Zealand from coastal swamps to low montane areas. Tall erect leaves distinguish it from P. cookianium.

Phormium tenax is the indigenous New Zealand flax also commonly referred to as harakeke. The flax plant is distributed throughout New Zealand, naturally growing in lowland to coastal or montane forests but most commonly can be found growing around wetlands or open ground along riversides. The harakeke can reach a height of 2m and spread of 1.5m.
The plant grows in clumps and does best in full sun although it is very hardy and tolerates most soil conditions. Great source of food for native birds such as the tui.
Traditionally the harakeke flax was used for a wide range of medicinal and other activities such as weaving by Māori. Looks great mass planted or as strong contrasting plant in any garden.
Also good for erosion control although does not have a deep root system so in flooding the plant may be ripped from the ground easily.

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