Dense tangles shrub with zig-zagging branches.

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This small tree grows up to a height of 10 metres and is naturally found in lowland forests and forest margins as well as on stream banks.

Its juvenile form differs from its adult form. While the juvenile tree is shrubby, spreading with intertangled branches and small leaves, once changing to its adult form, one stem will predominate, grow upwards and develop larger leathery adult leaves.

When growing in the open, Kaikomako will reach 2-3m before making an abrupt change to adult form. Panicles of scented small white flowers appear as the tree matures. They are fragrant, creamy white flowers with five petals growing in panicles 4-8cm long, when the tree is in full flower (November to February) they almost obscure the foliage.

Very hardy and shade tolerant.

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