A climber found coastal areas throughout New Zealand with attractive slightly scented flowers through spring and summer.

Parsonsia hetrophylla is climber plant that is endemic to New Zealand, it is part of the Parsonsia genus which are woody vines of the dogbane family of which only two species exist in New Zealand.
Parsonsia hetrophylla is more commonly referred to as the New Zealand jasmine or kaihua and differs from Parsonsia capsularis because of its larger flowers and size.
The climber can be found growing naturally in wet lowland forests throughout New Zealand. The New Zealand jasmine is a soft wood ever green plant which can reach a length of 5m and spread of 2m. The juvenile and adult foliage of the species differ in their colour and arrangement. Small creamy white flowers appear profusely in spring in clusters, the flowers have a beautiful and strong scent.

At Tawapou we grow Parsonsia from cutting from an adult plant so these will flower at an early age.

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