Grows 3-4m high. Yellowish stems and narrow yellow leaves. Tolerates coastal conditions, ideal for quick growing hedge.

Olearia solandri is a dense and hardy coastal shrub that is endemic to New Zealand and is also commonly known as coastal shrub daisy. The shrub can reach a height of up to 5m and a spread of three metres.

The coastal daisy has small spear shaped, dark green leaves that have a yellow underside. In autumn the shrub produces small, highly scented daisy flowers followed by fluffy seeds. Located on the hills at Pencarrow Lakes which tells us the plant is very wind tolerant.

Can be kept clipped to be a hedge as well. Apart of the Olearia genus which has about 130 different species. Excellent tree for the edge of tidal estuaries or can be clipped as a hedge. Great fast-growing shelter for dry, exposed sites.

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