Northland climbing Metrosideros preferring semi-shade.

Crimson rata is a forest laine or vine in the genus Metrosideros of which pohutukawa is the most well-known. It occurs in coastal lowland forest from Te Paki in the north, south to Mahia Penninsula and Taranaki. It is not as hardy as its close cousin Metrosideros perforata or white climbing rata as it prefers a sheltered position to start life, feet in the shade and head in the sun.

The plants we propagate are from seed which will behave like climbers, they are useful for covering walls and steep banks, unlike cutting grown plants if they have nothing to cling to they will form shrubs. Once a year it completely covers itself in blossom blocking any sign of its green leaves, it gives off an incredible scent that mimics the smell of fish and chips.

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