Confined to Three Kings and Hen & Chickens Island. Dramatic large glossy tropical leaves are a stunning feature.

Meryta sinclairii is a small tree with a beautiful tropical appearance, also known as puka or pukanui tree. The tree occurs naturally on the Three Kings and the Hen and Chicken Islands but is now cultivated throughout New Zealand in coastal forest, grassland and scrub. The stout branches form a mushroom shape and the tree can reach a height of up to 5m. The puka tree appears tropical because of its large glossy oval-shaped leaves. Inconspicuous green and white flowers appear between August through to April, followed by ball-bearing sized fruit which occurs only on the female plants.

Meryta sinclairii can be frost tender but will tolerate coastal conditions, although preferring well drained soils. The small tree has a low requirement for water once it is established. Looks great as a specimen tree and in large planters or pots.

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