One of our most common trees found in scrub throughout NZ. Distinctive grey/white bark.

Melicytus ramiflorus is a common New Zealand native also known as Mahoe, it is distinctive by its smooth whitish bark and brittle twigs, hense its common name "Whiteywood". The Mahoe tree mostly grows in lowland forests around New Zealand and can grow up to 10m high and its trunk can reach a diameter of up to 60cm. The trees leaves are roughly 5-15cm long and 3-5 cm wide with a dark green colour and finely serrated edges. Scented flowers appear late spring and are yellow and small, followed by blue berries in late summer which are much loved by native birds such as the Kereru, Tui and geckos of the genus Naultinus.

Creates a thick and beautiful canopy that looks great as a specimen tree. Melicytus ramiflorus can be frost tender when young but once established will tolerate most conditions.

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