Stunning fern with tropical appearance now rare in the wild due to decimation by wild pigs and goats.

Marratia salicinia, also referred to as the King fern is a species of fern that is native to New Zealand and the South Pacific. Naturally distributed in lowland forest north of a line from Bay of Plenty to Taranaki. It has a large and robust growth habitat and a tropical appearance. The ferns fronds can sometimes reach the size of 5m and tend to arch out form the centre of the plant. The king fern is in serious decline, seriously threatened throughout its range by feral and domestic cattle, wild pigs and goats. Large plants no longer exist except in areas where there has been rigorous control of animals and where this occurs the fern can reach a height of 3m.

In terms of planting the King fern thrives best in moist and shaded conditions and is perfect for those tricky spots in any garden where nothing else will grow.

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