Libocedrus plumosa is a species of conifer endemic to New Zealand. It is an excellent specimen plant preferring the warmer regions of the north island.

Librocedrus plumosa is endemic to both the North and South Island and often found in association with Kauri in coastal to lowland mixed broadleaf/ hardwood forests.

This conifer is slow growing (grows up to 25m tall) and maintains its attractive pyramidal shape as it matures. Its leaves are dark green, compressed and flattened - giving it a feathery effect.

Libocedrus plumosa and Libocedrus bidwilli are unique among New Zealand conifers in having small seed cones made up of a few thin woody scales. The male and female cones occur at the tips of twigs on the same tree. Male cones are 3–5 millimetres long and contain about 10–14 scales. They are produced in spring to early summer.
The female cones are reduced to four large green scales, two sterile and two fertile. When ripe the tiny, dry woody cones split open to release two winged seeds, which are dispersed by wind.

Excellent specimen tree which is hardy and tolerates full sun and partial shade which will grow in reasonable soil.

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