Found throughout NZ. Kanuka leaves are much softer to touch than the Manuka.

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Kunzea robusta, also commonly known as Kanuka is a small tree which grows in coastal to lowland shrub land, regenerating forest and forest margins. Strong and adaptable plant that is endemic to New Zealand, most common North West of Nelson. The tree also can be identified by its flaky bark. Also can be referred to as ‘tea tree’. The tree can reach a height of 18m and its spread can reach a spread of 1-4m because of its divaricating branches. The branches bear masses of needle-like bright green leaves and clusters of small white flowers. Similar to Manuka tree but its leaves are softer to touch and is often larger.

Kunzea robusta is a very hardy tree that can tolerate drought, frosts and poor soils. It is a primary colonising plant and used for revegetation as a nurse plant. Best planted in Autumn without disturbing the roots.

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