Found throughout North Island and Marlborough Sounds. Attractive bottle-bush like rusty red flowers.

Knightia excelsa, also known as 'rewarewa' is a cylindrical tree with dark green jaggered leaves. A common tree of coastal, lowland and lower montane shrubland, secondary regrowth, and on occasion mature forest. Easily distinguished by the dark red/ orange, "bottle brush" like inflorescences, and by its leathery, broad lanceolate, dark green, serrated leaves. The flowers appear in October through to December and its fruit will sometimes co-occur with flowers because they take a year to mature fully. The tree can reach a height of up to 30m and its trunk can reach a diameter of 1m.

The Knightia excelsa prefers a well drained site and full sun. Great addition to a small garden with little room for spread. The juvenile tree is very quick growing but can be cold sensitive until well established.

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