Graceful tree, foliage has attractive purplish undersides.

Hoheria populnea is a soft-wooded tree that is Endemic to the North Island only from North Cape (Pararaki Stream) south to the northern Waikato and Coromandel. However widely planted and often found naturalising throughout the southern North Island, South, Stewart and Chatham Islands. The tree has a grey trunk bearing leathery toothed leaves and large white scented flowers that develop into a winged dry fruit. Flowers appear in January through to March followed by fruiting in April through to June. The bark was used by the early Maori, and also the early European settlers, as a source of fibre, particularly for use as cordage.

Excellent fast growing tree that can be used as a wind break or shelter in any garden growing up to 8m tall. Hoheria populnea does tend to be short lived and can often be effected by Hoheria Die back. Hardy in terms of planting conditions and acts as a colonising plant for open areas.

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