Small leafed shrub reaching approx. 1m high producing clusters of mauve flowers early spring.

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Hebe diosmifolia is 'Wairua Beauty' is a cultivar that originated near the Wairau falls near Whangarei. This particular Hebe shrub prefers full sun but will grow in most conditions. Fast-growing upright shrub that is commonly reaches a height of 1m and a width of 75cm. Like most of the other hebes it is hardy. Flowers are a soft lavender colour and form clusters near the branch tips, appearing in late winter through to summer. The cultivar species has green leaves with serrations which helps to distinguish it from other hebes. Similiar to the Hebe diosmifolia but is slightly more open branched.

Clip back after flowering to maintain the shrubs shape. The pale purple flowers can make a great addition to any garden.

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