The most attractive of the divaricating coprosmas with golden foliage and stems. Very tough.

Coprosma virescens is a unusual looking shrub or small tree with wiry orange coloured branches and its tiny green foligae. The native shrub is distributed across New Zealand found commonly in lowland forests and shrublands often overlying calcareous or base-rich igneous rocks. The shrub can grow up to 2m in height and despite its scruffy appearance it will grow into a neat pyramid shape with little trimming or attention. The shrub produces white or green-tinged, sometimes mottled with black fruit which are an important food source for birds.

Very popular in cultivation on account of its unusual growth habit and tolerance of a range of soils and planting situations. The attractive shrub does best in full sun but will tolerate moderate shade. Should be planted in a free draining but moist, fertile soil. This Coprosma needs little care and maintenance often only a light prune at the ned of winter. Coprosma virescens is a great contrasting plant against other glossy green foliaged plants. It can be used as a hedge either clipped tightly or just left to its own devices. Because of its size there is also potential to strategically use the shrub as a shelter or as a screen from winds for more delicate plants in a coastal garden.

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