Common in forests and scrubland throughout NZ. Fast growing shrub.

Coprosma robusta is a large and fast growing coprosma also known as karamu. The New Zealand native shrub is endemic and distributed across the North and South Islands of New Zealand. Common throughout coastal, lowland and lower montane habitats within shrublands and open sites within forest. Easily distinguished from all the other lowland, large-leaved Coprosma species by the large glossy leaves, which are finely toothed along the margins - this can be felt by dragging a finger tips along the leaf edge. Coprosma robusta can grow up to 6m in height and in late summer the shrub produces masses of orange berries which attract native birds.

Coprosma robusta best suits full sun or semi-shade and because of its hardy nature the shrub can tolerate damp soils. Theres a place for them in all ornamental gardens with their features of strong verdant green leaves and they create good habitats for all small birds.

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