Found throughout NZ scrub and forests. Useful plant for exposed dry areas.

Coprosma rhamnoides is a tightly divaricating native to New Zealand shrub also referred as twiggy coprosma or mingimingi. It endemic to the North, South and Stewart Island. It is wide spread in Canterbury and Westland in lowland to lower montane-scrubland and forest mostly as a dense understorey plant growing 1m in height and 1.5m in spread. The wide angled branches give the shrub its twiggy structure but small green pairs of leaves give the plant some colour along with the small dark fruit which appears between march and april. Small pale cream flowers with sexes separate.

The new growth of the Coprosma rhamnoides can have a brown or grey look, giving it a interesting dead-like almost unattractive look. It is suggested that this may be a defensive growth mechanism to avoid browsing moa.

Coprosma rhamnoides thrives in full sun and does well in dry and exposed conditions. The shrub also attracts native birds because of its fruit. Can be shaped if desired and used as box hedging.

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