Very attractive deep purple flowers.

Colensoa physalioides, also known as Koru is a rare large soft herb distinctive because of its long tubular purple flowers the grow in clusters sometimes throughout the year but commonly between August and January. The herbaceous 1.5m shrubs is often found inhabiting coastal forest of the northern North Island occupying naturally both coastal and lowland forest including stream sides or in damp sites in half-shade. Leaves large, soft, with many small teeth along margin. Flower base a green cup and on purple fuzzy stalks. Fruit a non-fleshy 10-15mm wide blueish or white capsule.

The attractive fleshy, herbaceous shrub is often compared to hydrangeas because of its bright green glossy leaves. Very fast growing and ideal in semi-shaded to shaded spots under trees, especially along stream sides. An excellent pot plant. Frost tender. Often grows in disturbed soils. Highly palatable to slugs and snails.

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