Found throughout NZ tussockland and sand dunes, stunning orange foliage

Carex testacea is a hardy native sedge with a distinctive rich orange and green colouring and with arching, rather wide-spreading foliage. It has very long seed head stems which gives the tussock a drooping form compared to other species. It grows to a height of 0.5 m and often a similar width.

This particular species needs full sun and although hardy it will not tolerate damp conditions. It is found throughout New Zealand in lowland to montane forests, grasslands and sand dunes. Uncommon in the South Island. It is sold by nurseries and is probably the most popular native grass used in amenity planting. Its contrasting colour makes it a perfect plant for mass planting or alongside other native grasses. Because of its versatility the testacea is also sometimes used as a container plant.

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