Found in swampy areas throughout NZ.

Carex secta, also known as pukio is a well-known tussock forming sedge up to 1.5 x 1.5 m. Older plants in moist to wet sites, often form thick trunk-like bases 1 metre tall comprised of matted rhizomes, roots and old clump bases. It grows only in still, not flowing water. Carex secta takes on a yellow-green colour in open situations with the colour being intensified in the winter. Flowers can occur from September to December with fruiting occurring October to March. This grass differentiates itself from other grasses in terms of its size and circular clump shape.

Generally prefers moist areas but can be grown in other situations as well, does best in full sun.

Carex secta is commonly found throughout the North, South and Stewert Islands usually in swamps and near streams. Most attractive when planted in water-feature gardens and is very useful for enhancing or re-establishing wetland areas.

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