Coastal to montane sedge. Distribution throughout New Zealand

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Carex flagellifera is commonly known as 'Glen Murray tussock' or 'Trip Me Up'. It is a sedge that belongs to the family of Cyperaceae and is endemic to New Zealand. It can be found on both the North and South Island as well as Stewart Island and the Chatham Islands. Carex flagellifera belongs to a complex of allied species but is best distinguished from all the other species in this group by its usually long trailing fruiting culms, narrow, channelled leaves, and usually distant, pendent female spikes. Its closest relative is perhaps Carex testacea from which it differs by the usually brown, rather than orange-red to red-green culms, and red brown to dark red-brown, subcoriaceous rather than membranous, light brown glumes, which lack the numerous fine, red-brown striae typical of the most widespread form of C. testacea.

This densely tufted, brownish plant grows in a variety of habitats - from coastal to montane areas this grass grows best in free draining soils under scrub or open forest. It doesn't do as well in wetlands or in permanently damp, shaded sites.

Carex flagellifera grows up to 500mm in height and flowers from September through to November.

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