Found growing in clay soils on embankments and roadsides.

Blechnum novae-zealandiae, also known by Maori as Kiokio, is a small fern that is endemic to New Zealand. The Kiokio fern is one of the most widely distributed and common ferns found growing abundantly on clay banks, roadsides and rivers throughout New Zealand. The low growing fern grows in clumps up to 2.5 metres wide and is very tolerant of wet, swampy and lowlight conditions. One of he most distinctive features of the Kiokio fern is the pinky bronze colouring of its new fronds, which turn to green as they mature.

This fern looks good on exposed banks where its long fronds can hang and create effect. The fern also works well as a ground cover or in hanging pots and baskets. The Kiokio needs room to establish and can easily self seed.

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