Wetland rush with bluish/green foliage.

Apodasmia similis, also known as oioi or jointed wire rush, is a plant that is endemic to New Zealand. Belonging to the Restionaceae family this dioecious, rush-like perennial herb is distributed across Three Kings, North, South, Stewart and Chatham Islands. It is a coastal plant but is also found in estuaries and wetlands. The reed like plant slowly spreads from a creeping rhizome to form 1 metre by 1 metre erect clumps. It flowers from October to December and bears fruit from December to March. Very hardy plant growing in wet or dry conditions and although it is considered a wetland species it can still grow in normal conditions. In terms of planting the Apodasmia similis can be useful in covering large areas as it spreads by runners and its dense grey-green leaves make it a popular structural landscaping plant.

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