Hebe stricta (Veronica stricta) Northland hebe

Attractive white flowering shrub. Very hardy and suitable for most conditions in full sun. Purchase 5 or more of any hebe and pay $7.95 each

Hebe townsonii-001

Hebe townsonii North Taranaki and also in the South Island.

Very erect habit, white flowers through spring.

Hebe traversii Grows along streamsides and banks, South Island.

Grows approx 2m high. Produces white flowers. Purchase 5 or more of any hebe and pay $7.95 each

Hedycarya arborea Pigeonwood

Found throughout North Island and as far south as Banks Peninsula.

Hibiscus diversifolius Prickly Hibiscus

Sprawling shrub with large lemon yellow flowers


Hibiscus richardsonii 'Puarangi',

Perennial herb that is indigenous to New Zealand and can be found growing in Northern parts of the North Island.


Hoheria populnea Lacebark, houhere.

Graceful tree, foliage has attractive purplish undersides.


Jovellana sinclairii

Shade loving plant with attractive bell-shaped flowers


Knightia excelsa Rewarewa, New Zealand honeysuckle.

Found throughout North Island and Marlborough Sounds. Attractive bottle-bush like rusty red flowers.

Kunzea 'Kompakta' Shrub Kanuka


Kunzea robusta Kanuka

Found throughout NZ. Kanuka leaves are much softer to touch than the Manuka. Purchase 5 or more PB3 Kanuka and pay $5.95 each


Laurelia novae-zelandiae Pukatea

Handsome tree found swampy areas Throughout North Island, west coast of South Island.

Lepidium oleraceum  Cooks scurvy grass  Nau.  256

Lepidium oleraceum Cook's scurvy grass

Edible perennial herb


Leptinella calcarea Leptinella

Groundcover forming a mat of ferny foliage topped with yellow button flowers in spring

Leptinella pusilla Purple Brass Buttons

Spreading ground cover with soft purple bronze leaves


Leptinella rotundata Northland Button Daisy

Tight groundcover with button-shaped flowers.

Leptospermum  Blossom

Leptospermum 'Blossom' Cultivar

Grows 2 metres high, produces large double pink flowers through winter and spring much loved by bees. Best in full sun and trimmed annually to maintain bushy growth.

1-Leptospermum Pink Cascade-001

Leptospermum 'Pink Cascade' Cultivar

Produces masses of pink flowers in early autumn and spring. Grows very vigorously in a semi-prostrate form spreading approx.1.5 m in width and reaches a height of 1m.

Leptospermum Red Ensign

Leptospermum 'Red Ensign' Cultivar

This delightful cultivar produces masses of scarlet flowers in spring/early summer. Tolerates dry or a well-drained soil type, prefers full sun and some wind. Can be trimmed.

Leptospermum "Wiri Kerry" Cultivar

Coloured tea tree. Double red flower, 80cm high