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A nursery by the sea

Directly opposite the famous Poor Knights Islands on one of the most eastern points of New Zealand’s North Island is the native garden and nursery of Tawapou Coastal Natives. Located between Tutukaka and Matapouri the nursery welcomes visitors throughout the year.

Tawapou is set among mature native trees on a 350 acre coastal farm that includes some of the best examples of lowland Pohutukawa in the country. It is unquestionably a unique situation and superb environment to grow and display coastal NZ native plants.

Owner Guy Bowden grew up on the property and has been passionate about NZ native plants all his life. His interest was kindled by his conservationist parents who began protecting sections of native bush and pohutukaka on the cliffs of the property over forty years ago.

Guy and his wife Sandra know the native plants that are suitable for challenging conditions, low rainfall, wind, salt spray and poor soil. They have an extensive range of native plants and are specialists in coastal and northern offshore island plants.

They have the largest collection of planted and container grown Xeronema callistemon (Poor Knights Lily) in the world.

Freinds of Tawapou welcome new Kiwi to the Tutukaka Coast


Over 100 people gathered to welcome the kiwi to the coast before being released in Matapouri. Read more about the release.

Saving the Kaka beak

About two weeks ago Sandra and I plus a group of other intrepid plants people set off on a five hour walk in very steep coastal country just south of Waipiro Bay (East Cape) to view some of the last remaining wild Clianthus maximus. Read more about the kaka beak

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